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Department of Early Childhood Education and Care

The Department of Early Childhood Education and Care strives to help students fully put into practice the school motto, "Reverence and Service." The department's course of study follows this university's long tradition of training childcare professionals and others who incorporate into their work a Christian perspective, especially in their understanding of children. Thus, the course enables students to study early childhood education and care, together with the concepts of human dignity and well-being.

There are four fundamental policies:
1. "Reverence and Service" and Liberal Arts
The department aims at developing childcare professionals and others who have a sound foundation in the liberal arts, and who will strive to realize the school motto of "Reverence and Service." Understanding and respect for all human beings is fostered in students, as well as the capacity to provide a learning environment in which all children will thrive, regardless of physical or mental differences.

2. Child Care Professionals with a Balance of Knowledge and Practical Skills
The department aims to prepare childcare professionals and other workers for the community that have the necessary knowledge and also the practical skills that enable them to foster children's well-being and education. Students develop this especially during their required preschool and child care center teaching practice experiences.

3. Experiential Learning Format
The department provides a learning format that integrates students' experiences, their reflection on those experiences and cooperation with others, which has been favorably acknowledged as Good Practice by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. Students are required to participate in service learning and/or fieldwork programs in Japan and abroad.

4. Creating Child Care Professionals that Contribute to the Local Community
By taking the newly-introduced Community-Forming Classes, students are expected to become childcare professionals and people who can contribute to the formation and development of local communities of support.