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Junior High School, Senior High School

Prinicipal of Senior High School : Mariko Kusuyama
Principal of Junior High School : Tomoyasu Ishizawa
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Junior High School, Senior High School
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"Reverence and Service"

The school day begins with a chapel service and ends with class prayer. These traditions have been maintained since Toyo Eiwa was founded in 1884. All students take a weekly Bible class, and YWCA activities are conducted on a regular basis. In recognizing God's unconditional love, students develop the uniqueness and dignity of their own personality, and respect for life around them. A strong spirit of service to others is fostered throughout their student lives.

First-year students participate in "Diakonia," a course of activities designed to raise their awareness of people with disabilities. They learn Braille, sign language, and how to operate a wheelchair, among other skills. The course helps them to understand the difficulties of people with disabilities, and so become more compassionate and helpful to other members of society.

School Life

We have a reputation for high-quality English education, supported by small-group English classes, and classes taught by native English speakers. We also have an English room used by many of our extracurricular English courses. First-year junior high school students perform Christmas plays in English, and each grade in the junior high school prepares for English speech contests or recitals.

In the senior high school, students choose from a wide range of elective courses, including advanced mathematics and science, according to their individual interests, concerns and future goals.

Music education is a continuing tradition at Toyo Eiwa.Students have many opportunities to sing in a choir, play instruments and perform before a large audience in the main chapel, the New Margaret Craig Memorial Hall. The junior high school chorus contest, piano festival and handbell festival are some of the highlights of the school musical year. Particularly noteworthy is the long history of the extracurricular piano department,established in 1886.

Club activities are compulsory for all students from the first year of junior high school to the second year of senior high school. Each student belongs to a single club and participates in club activities at least once a week. Students can also be involved in student-body activities, such as orchestra and other special clubs. Through these extracurricular activities, students develop qualities such as initiative, cooperation, responsibility, and creativity. The annual school festival is held to showcase these activities and has become a highly regarded event.

The school owns a newly renovated campsite by the shore of beautiful Lake Nojiri in Nagano Prefecture. Various summer programs are held each year: A summer camp for Junior 2 students; a camp for Junior 3 to Senior 3 students; a leadership development camp; and other programs. Qualities such as responsibility, creative ingenuity, service and patience are fostered in these outdoor education programs.

International Exchange

Each year about thirty students from Junior 3 to Senior 2 participate in an intensive language training course in Canada. Students experience dormitory life in Mount Allison University for two weeks, then travel to Prince Edward Island for a one-week homestay. A former Toyo Eiwa principal, Miss F.G. Hamilton, was a graduate of Mount Aliison University, so we are glad to preserve this historic connection to the school. Similarly, Toyo Eiwa is connected to Prince Edward Island, the home of Anne of Green Gables, through Toyo Eiwa alumni, Hanako Muraoka, the first translator into Japanese of those classic stories.

We also offer a spring language program in Lourdes Hill College in Brisbane, Australia. About twenty Senior 1 and 2 students stay with local families for two weeks while attending intensive English lessons, and also joining mainstream classes. They have the opportunity to experience the school life and home life of Australian students.

Students who want to study abroad for a year are allowed to go without suspending their studies at our school, and every year several students study abroad under this system. In addition, from 2014 approximately 12 students study at our partner schools in Canada and Australia for three months.

In addition, as a way for students to deepen their understanding of international society and international contributions, we also offer a student-led activity called TEAM (Toyo Eiwa Activities for Myanmar). In this program, we hold workshops with university professors specializing in international cooperation to deepen our understanding of developing countries and refugees, and to explore and implement ways in which we can help.

Junior and senior high school students are able to deepen their international awareness through engaging and informative talks given in the chapel by international visitors who have served in medical care, welfare work, or as international volunteers in other fields. We also welcome students from abroad every year, with several foreign students joining our classes for periods of three weeks to a year.


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