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Where Children Grow with Love

Children's greetings are the dawn of the day at our primary school; cheerful and joyous. Each classroom then resounds with hymns and prayers, where students learn to love God and their neighbors in pursuit of our motto: Reverence and Service.

It is often said that our primary school is like a family; classmates and teachers, caring upper graders and endearing lower graders, staff and parents, all of whom are precious. Above all, God is always with us, looking after each and every one of us. This is where children grow with love.

Excellent Education Program

Children's growth and maturity are sustained by our six-year curriculum with which our teachers guide students in excelling at highly academic subjects. It also enables for students to expand their individuality and study in a vivacious environment, preparing them for higher learning at our junior high school.

At lunch, students gather at the light, spacious dining hall. After saying a prayer in gratitude, all the children and teachers have a homemade nutritious lunch. Upon serving, upper graders take care of lower graders at their tables.

Our students also enjoy various events held throughout the school year, in which their individuality and ample humanity are nurtured.

Characteristic International Education

As our primary school has traditionally put a considerable emphasis on English education, children start studying English since the very first year. All classes are conducted in small groups by native and Japanese English teachers with constant attentiveness for each child to achieve excellence. In our English classes, students learn Bible verses and prayers while also studying the teachings of Christianity.

We have maintained a close relationship with our Christian sister school, Ewha Womans University Elementary School in Korea, and, since 2007, we have had an exchange program in which fifth graders of both schools visit each other. In 2013, a homestay program was adopted, which has deepened and strengthened our sisterly relationship. Fifth and sixth graders engage in keeping in touch with their pen pals in Korea by exchanging letters written in English. It is the very intention of ours that children from both countries cultivate their fruitful relationships through learning each other's culture and history and praying for each other.

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