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Kaede Kindergarten is located nearby Tama-plaza Station, Yokohama. It was founded in April, 1973, as an education and care setting affiliated with Toyo Eiwa Junior College (which was transformed into Toyo Eiwa University in 1998). The main objectives of Kaede Kindergarten are 1) to carry out practices in which every child feels happy and loved based upon the faith of Christ, and 2) to contribute to the development of early childhood educational research, and pre-service teacher education programs as an affiliated setting to Toyo Eiwa University.

Core Educational Values of Kaede Kindergarten

Serving God and People

As a Christian kindergarten, Kaede Kindergarten values time spent in worship service. We make time for children and teachers to pray and thank God for their lives. Reading the Bible and listening to the stories of Christ reminds children and teachers about the love of God, which is reflected in their lives at the kindergarten.

Learning through a Playful Environment

Kaede Kindergarten values the importance of learning through play. Therefore, the roles of teachers are to provide a rich natural, social, cultural environment, and time for every child to engage in play by her/himself. Through free play, children learn from each other, and develop in a holistic manner.

Reciprocal Relationships with Families

Building reciprocal relationships with families is vital for the growth of every child. Collaborative practices with families are carried out, such as "Work Day" (children, fathers, and teachers engage in wood-working and dine together), "Family Day" (athletics day for families), and "Educational Seminars for Parents."

Growing as an Internationally Minded Person

Kaede Kindergarten strongly believes in the importance of expanding and deepening children's views of the world, taking influence from the work of the founder of Toyo Eiwa Jogakuin, Miss Martha J. Cartmell, a Canadian missionary. The children participate in the "Foster Parents" program to support children in Kenya. We ensure that this program helps the children to serve and contribute to the development of their local community, as well as society as a whole while they are growing up.

3-46-8 Utsukushigaoka,
Aoba-ku, Yokohama-shi,
Kanagawa 225-0002 Japan
Tel: +81-45-901-8423