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Department of Human Sciences

The aim of the Department of Human Sciences is to enable students to understand the multifaceted dimensions of the human mind and human behavior by studying psychology, sociology, education, history, culture, philosophy, art and religion. Through enhanced self-understanding and the deepened compassion and empathy, students will be able to contribute more deeply to fields connected with society, as people with substantial expertise in the human sciences. In order to accomplish these objectives, students may choose to enroll in either the Psychology and Health Sciences program or the Education and Human Studies program, depending on their interests and the careers they wish to pursue.

Program in Psychology and Health Sciences

Students in this program will study psychology from a broad perspective by integrating their knowledge obtained from courses in natural science, social science, and human science. Students will acquire knowledge and skills through specialized courses in clinical psychology, social psychology, developmental psychology, health psychology, and community supperts.
The courses in this program are systematically organized from basic to highly specialized in order to meet the diverse needs of the students,including those who wish to become a licensed psychologist (a newly enacted national license). Students are, therefore, able to set up a personalized program tailored to their specific field of interest.

Program in Education and Human Studies

Students in this program will cultivate a broad and profound understanding of human beings by studying topics that appear in multiple fields and disciplines through a variety of approaches, so that they will be able to make a positive contribution to society. For example, in the omnibus lecture, Issues Around Life and Death, students are able to acquire knowledge and methods used to obtain data in a variety of fields of study—Mythology, the Classics, History of Science, Psychology, Sociology, Bio-ethics, Education, etc., to comprehensively consider life and death. Students in this major will study different cultures, gain skills to collect and analyze data, and obtain practical knowledge through Active Learning and Fieldwork courses. They will also have an opportunity to study the concept of "education" not only in the usual sense of the word, as the activity they engage in when learning at school, but also in the sense of becoming persons who cultivate the skills needed to continue learning throughout their whole lives, through their activities and interactions with others in their families and society.