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Graduate School Prospectus

Toyo Eiwa University started its evening Graduate School in 1993 with the mission of educating and nurturing professionals equipped to engage in problem-solving in their respective fields. The Graduate School accepts both male and female students and consists of the Department of Human Sciences and the Department of International Cooperation. Both Departments offer a Master's Degree Program, and within the Department of Human Sciences, a Doctoral Degree Program is offered in a number of fields.

Faculty and students in the Department of Human Sciences engage in a broad range of research and educational activities. Technical, multifaceted and inter-disciplinary research that seeks to respond to contemporary social needs is carried out, applying developmental, behavioral and spiritual perspectives in the disciplines of psychology, sociology, social welfare studies, education, religious studies and thanatology.

The Department of International Cooperation, which prior to 2003 was called the Department of Social Sciences, is devoted to promoting education and research into best practices in international cooperation, both in Japan and internationally. Moreover, the Department focuses on training individuals with the capacity to work within international cooperative frameworks at a grass-roots level, as well as with governmental and international organizations.

Department of Human Sciences

The Department of Human Sciences offers programs in Human Science,Clinical Psychology and Early Childhood Education and Development.

The Program in Human Science focuses on interdisciplinary research in two areas: education, and thanatology. The relatively new discipline of thanatology is one of the unique features of this department. The Program in Clinical Psychology focuses on practical research and education designed to train professional psychologists and clinical psychologists. The Program in Early Childhood Education and Development is designed to provide advanced education and training for early childhood educators. It embodies Toyo Eiwa's "Reverence and Service."

The Doctoral Degree Program, established in 2002, was initially offered in the areas of clinical psychology and thanatology. It has subsequently been expanded to include the fields of human growth and development, education, and religion. Ten graduates—seven in the field of thanatology, two in religious and one in clinical psychology studies—have thus far been awarded the Ph.D.

Department of International Cooperation

Against the backdrop of ongoing globalization, the Department of International Cooperation
provides students with opportunities to gain deep understanding of Japan's position in today's world and its roles through regional studies, international relations theories and international cooperation practices. The academic staff consists of experts in international relations, foreign policy and international economics, including those who have years of experience with international
organizations and/or NGOs. From the second semester, new students join seminars for the preparation of an MA thesis and receive personalized supervision and advice in a family-like atmosphere.

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