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Toyo Eiwa Kindergarten was founded in 1914, and serves as an important starting point, providing the first step of a high-quality educational program that carries through all the way to the graduate school level. Everyday life at Toyo Eiwa Kindergarten reflects our school motto, "Reverence and Service."

Educational Philosophy of Toyo Eiwa Kindergarten

"Living in Harmony Together" is the core principle of Toyo Eiwa Kindergarten. Children experience that principle by praying together, singing hymns together, and listening to the words of God together. In other words, every child feels and develops a sense of being loved by and with God. Daily life at Toyo Eiwa Kindergarten provides every child enormous opportunities to interact with people (peers, teachers and school staff, family members, members of the local community and society at large), nature (outside play, and field trips), and the world (activities for learning about various countries).

Being located in Roppongi, near the center of Tokyo, we often have scholars and students visiting us from overseas. Through a rich experience of interacting with international visitors, the children expand their views and knowledge about the world. The international experiences also help the children to become active/caring learners who give of themselves to the world. For example, they participate in fund-raising programs for building schools in Bangladesh through the "Gingko Nuts" project. The various kinds of programs help children, their families, and teachers to build trusting relationships and to develop a sense of being disciples of God and loving others as God loves us.

Core Values of Our Program

1. To educate and care for every child, ensuring that she/he feels a sense of security and being loved   through experiencing the love and grace of God.
2. To enrich every child's creativity and competence through rich free play time.
3. To support every child in developing a positive sense of self and becoming an independent   individual through child-centered activities. Further, to form trusting relationships with others through cooperative activities including those with their families.
4. To imbibe the importance of love and respect for all living things though exploratory experiences in   the child's environment.
5. To build a caring community through collaborative work with children, their families, and people in   the local community and overseas.


5-6-14 Roppongi,
Minato-ku, Tokyo
106-0032 Japan
Tel: +81-3-3401-3014