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Characteristics of the University

Toyo Eiwa University is located on the Yokohama Campus, about one hour by train from Central Tokyo. Currently, there are approximately 2,000 students enrolled. The campus is endowed with rich natural resources, showcased by seasonal flora. Further, it boasts excellent facilities including a chapel, library, club house, Aqua-Exercise Center (containing a heated swimming pool with an adjacent training room), playing fields, floodlit tennis courts and golf practice range. Our aim is to provide a well-developed environment that encourages students to fully enjoy campus life.

Toyo Eiwa University fosters character development based on the spirit of Christianity and holds a daily service in the on-campus chapel. Additionally, Introduction to Christianity is a compulsory class for all degree programs.

As sports, music and a variety of other clubs and activities outside the curriculum are proactively encouraged, a significant number of students are engaged in various extra-curricular activities. Students involved come from all departments and all scholastic years in the University. In addition, various events are held throughout the year, which include the orientation camp for freshmen in May, "Kaede-sai" (the University festival) held in November and a Christmas Service in December.

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