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2016年度 カナダ語学研修の生徒体験記


学年:中学部3年:F.F.さん S.H.さん  高等部一年:H.K.さん







We went to Canada, from July 19 to August 4. Today I would like to talk about our awesome trip!

We left Haneda Airport and flew to Toronto for about 12 hours by plane. Then we waited 1 or 2 hours and got on a little plane for 3 hours and arrived at Moncton airport. After that we got on a bus for an hour and arrived at MTA!! Did you get it? It took a very long time to get there.

Let me talk about MTA! MTA stands for Mount Allison University. We stayed there for 10 days. Two college students helped our activities. Their names are Breagh and Baily. They are so cute and funny and kind! We loved them so much!!

From here I will talk about the activities at MTA. We went to Joggins. Joggins is a World Heritage site. It's famous for fossils. Calvin, who is an axpert, taught us very clearly about fossils. He was very funny. We showed us the fossils in the museum and the sea. I couldn't find anything but someone in our group did.

We had a pizza party and a campfire. The pizza was handmade. It was very very delicious. At the campfire we sang camp songs and made S'mores. S'mores are popular in Canada. We roasted marshmallow and put it between snack crackers with chocolate. This was the first time we ate this. I was so surprised because it was very very yummy.

We went to the zoo and shopping at the mall. The animals were cute. There were a lot of shops and we enjoyed shopping.at the mall. I bought some clothes and some Minion goods. .

We had a Halloween party after supper. We wore costumes. We danced, sang, played games and ate some candies. We also went to the student rooms from Kwansei Gakuin and said, "Trick or treat". They gave us some treats. We were very happy.

We had an ESL class every day. My teacher was Mary. She was very kind and a very good teacher. We split up into 4 groups. We had an interview with the children. We asked them about slangs. Another group asked about the year of Canada, religion, and the school system. We made a power point and had a presentation. The children were so friendly and very cute. We taught "Origami" and Japanese games to them.

We went to the farmer's market on Saturday morning. We also went shopping in downtown. We had a karaoke dance party at the last night at MTA. We danced together with music. "Can't Stop the Feeling" is a song that I heard a lot in Canada. I love that song. Baily and Breagh made a video for us. We were very happy. We sang some Disney songs and a Japanese song. We were very sad to say goodbye to them. We thanked them for all the precious experiences.

The next day we got on a bus and said goodbye to the college students. I really didn't want to say goodbye.


On July 28th after leaving MTA, we went to Prince Edward Island by coach. We crossed the "Confederation Bridge." It is worth seeing because you can see a very beautiful view. After we arrived at Prince Edward Island, we met our host families. The next day, we went to the famous Green Gables. We were able to enter Anne's house and see the board that Anne broke and the fruit cordial that Diana had drunk. This picture is "Lovers Road". Here we can experience the world Anne lived in with handy guidebooks. Also you can have a chance to take a picture with Anne if you explore around Anne's house. Then we went to Anne of Green Gable's musical on another day. We were able to understand this story because the actors and actresses were very dramatic and interesting. We enjoyed making sand castles by being taught by a professional. We experienced many activities that we had never experienced in Japan. On another day we went to Shepherd's Farm. There we met a very kind old couple and their family. Mr. Cousin took us around on a tractor to see around the farm. We picked blackberries and made our own jam!! It sounds good, doesn't it? They had pigs, chickens, sheep and many kinds of vegetables at the farm.

On the final day, we went to "Camp Seggie", which is a Christian Camp where we could enjoy rock-climbing, archery and rope-climbing. After that we had lunch, we taught children "Origami". They were very good children, so they loved learning to make "Origami" quickly.

Hastily we had a farewell party with our host families at church. We wore our yukata and explained Japanese culture and sang "Tomorrow" in English and Japanese. It made us sad because we had to say "Goodbye" to our host families too soon! We enjoyed this party with our host families.

I traveled abroad alone for the first time. At first I was very nervous because I thought that they couldn't understand my English, and I'm not used to Canadian life. But soon I found that they are very kind and funny. The student leaders taught us many activities and we enjoyed our time together. Our host families treated us as one of their families. So we learned that it is important for us to be positive and talk to anyone.


We did a homestay in a group of 2 or 3 at each family for a week in Prince Edward Island. I'll introduce my host family. There are three children - a boy and two girls. They are very powerful. My host mother is a hairdresser, and my host father is an office worker. The house of my host family is yellow and so pretty. There are two trampolines, mountain bikes and a camping car. They are very active.

At first I was very nervous and shy but my host family talked to me a lot. So I got more confident in speaking English. And I was surprised to see that my host family was not wearing shoes in the house like us. We brought some souvenirs to them. I was glad that they loved them. Every meal was very good. Before dinner we all held hands and prayed. One day we ate lobsters and beaver tails because we requested them. A beaver tail is a kind of cake with sugar. One day we cooked Japanese dishes for them. We made Soumen, Inarizushi and miso soup. I hope they loved them.

We made friends with the children. We enjoyed jumping on the trampoline and Origami. One Saturday and Sunday I spent the whole day with my host family. We went to watch soccer games. On Sunday, we went to church on mountain bikes. There were many hills on the way, so it took about an hour. It was very fun.

The departure time was very early in the morning. So I couldn't see the children on my departure day. The children gave us letters. I was happy and sad. We handed our letters and Origami to them, too. Finally it was sad to say good-bye to my host family, but I was glad to have been a part of the family. I want to see them again someday.








夕食の後はみんな仮装をしてハロウィーンパーティーを行いました。お菓子を食べながら、踊ったり、歌ったり、ゲームをしたりしました。私たちはまた、関西学院の学生の部屋にも行って、「Trick or Treat」と行ってお菓子をもらいました。とてもうれしかったです。


土曜日の朝にはファーマーズマーケットに行きました。ダウンタウンに行ってお買い物もしました。MTAの最終日の夜には、カラオケダンスパーティーをしました。‟Can't Stop the Feeling"は、カナダでは何回も聞きました。私が大好きな曲です。BailyとBreaghは私たちのためにビデオを作ってくれました。とてもうれしかったです。ディズニーや日本の歌を歌いました。名残惜しかったけれども、貴重な経験ができたことを感謝しました。