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学年:高等部1年  N.T. さん、E.R.さん、I.S.さん、M.T.さん

期間:2014年3月20日(木)~4月3日(木) Shattuck-St. Mary’s School

― 英文の後に日本語訳があります ―


We went to Minnesota in the United States during spring holidays. We arrived at Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport and then went to our dorms.

When we could see the school we started to cry out excitedly. The building was so classically beautiful and large. It was like Hogwart's school in the Harry Potter movies. We were looking forward to going there very much.

In the orientation we learned about many differences between Shattuck and Eiwa. At Shattuck they can use PCs in classes. They have uniforms, but they are not so strict. And more, there were dance, drama and engineering classes. To our surprise, Shattuck has two ice skating rinks and even a chapel. It was so beautiful and we prayed there.

At mealtime, we were surprised that we could get many kinds of food and eat as much as we wanted. We had a very good time at the welcome party and could meet our student leaders who took care of us. We went to the Mall of America and it is the second biggest shopping mall in the world. I was surprised that they have an amusement park in the mall. We bought a lot of clothes and souvenirs. At lunch time we ate fast food. They tasted great, but made us get fat.

The next day we watched Shattuck's ice hockey game. They were more powerful than we expected and every player was cool.

March 24th we had regular classes at Shattuck for the first time. That day we gave a presentation about Japan to Shattuck students. We talked about the Tokyo Olympics, Japanese sweets, Takarazuka and Japanese New Year's by PowerPoint. We also danced Bonodori wearing Yukata. Shattuck's students seemed to enjoy our presentation.

The next day, we had Cook Fest with Shattuck students. We made okonomiyaki, kenchin soup, teriyaki, ohitashi and onigiri. We were nervous about their reaction, but it was not only delicious, but also healthy, so we were happy.

We went to Humboldt High School for one day. That is the school Mr. Garcia graduated from. At Humboldt all students can eat breakfast at school. We could hang out with Humboldt Japanese club students, take some classes, talk about Japanese culture, have a Mexican lunch and play badminton and volleyball in their gym. Humboldt students are very friendly, so we really enjoyed our time there. We wanted to stay much longer. After that, we went to watch an NBA basketball game. There wasn't only a game, but also performances and events. They were so exciting! After the game we could enter the court. We were so glad to stand on the same court as the NBA players.

The next day we went sightseeing St. Paul, which is the capitol city of Minnesota. First we visited the St. Paul Cathedral. It is a big Catholic church and there were many beautiful sculptures. On that day, university choirs were practicing for a chorus concert. The choirs sounded beautiful and the atmosphere was holy, so we were very impressed. After that we went to see the musical, "Porgy and Bess." It was hard to understand the actors' speaking and song lyrics, but we enjoyed some famous music by George Gershwin.

After "Porgy and Bess" we had dinner at Mr. Garcia's mother's house. His family made a really delicious dinner. Everything was nice and we ate a lot. Mr. Garcia's old classmates came to the party and our dorm mother too. Everyone there was really kind so we could enjoy our dinner and talk a lot.

Shattuck St. Mary's School is famous for its winter sports. There are two ice skating rinks so their hockey teams and figure skaters use them. We could use one of them. It was the first time to skate for most of us, but we had a lot of fun. I think we could make our relationships with student leaders better.

April 1st was the last day at Shattuck. All the teachers were kind and we had really worthwhile classes. In the evening, we had a goodbye party with our student leaders and other students.

Even though the two weeks were short, we had very full days. The days in Minnesota will mean a lot to our lives and I will treasure my memories of this program. I want to thank God for our time and experiences at Shattuck, our friends in Minnesota, our parents, and teachers.

Thank you.








 次の日ミネソタ州の州都、セントポールに観光に出かけました。大きなカソリックの教会であるセントポール大聖堂を訪れ、そこでたくさんの美しい彫刻を見ることができました。また、大学の聖歌隊がコンサートのために練習していて、とても美しい歌声で神聖な雰囲気に包まれました。それから、私たちは「Porgy and Bess」というミュージカルを鑑賞しました。役者さんの英語や音楽の歌詞は難しかったのですが、George Gershwinの有名な曲は楽しむことができました。


 シャッタック セントメリー校は冬のスポーツで有名です。学校内に2つのアイススケートリンクがあり、ホッケーのチームやフィギアスケートの選手がそこを使います。私たちも使うことでき、ほとんどの人にとって初体験でしたが、とても楽しかったです。スケートを通して、リーダーの現地生徒とも仲良くなれた気がします。