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Faculty of Human Sciences

Department of Human Sciences

The aim of the Department of Human Sciences is to enable students to understand the multifaceted dimensions of the human mind and human behavior by studying psychology, sociology, education, history, culture, philosophy, art and religion. Through enhanced self-understanding and the acquisition of compassion and empathy, students will then be able to contribute more deeply to fields connected with society, as people with substantial expertise in the human sciences. In order to accomplish these objectives, students may choose to take either the Program in Comprehensive Human Studies or the Program in Clinical and Social Psychology, depending on their interests and the careers they wish to pursue in their lives.

Program in Comprehensive Human Studies

Students in this program will study psychology, sociology, education, history, culture, philosophy and religion, the core disciplines of the humanities. Students will cultivate a greater understanding of these subjects as well as skills that will be relevant and applicable in their post-university lives, and learn specific research methods that are necessary for them to gain a comprehensive understanding of human nature.
Within the Program in Comprehensive Human Studies, courses for acquiring a first class teacher's license for junior and senior high schools are offered, affording our students even greater opportunities to actively participate in and make a positive contribution to society.

Program in Clinical and Social Psychology

This program focuses on understanding the mind and behavior of human beings. This is done through practical training and the study of experimental methods, particularly objective research methods. Students in this program intensely study clinical psychology and social psychology. Clinical psychology focuses on giving the student a deep understanding of the individual with the aim of providing treatment and help for people suffering from illnesses and dysfunction of the mind. Social psychology explores the impact of social influences on human behavior, especially in terms of how people relate to one another.